Financial Strategy & Planning

Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience in business planning, financial modelling and undertaking business viability assessments. Having the right data and management information is central to developing and future proofing your business.

Jonathan can help you understand the implications of policy changes on your business and support you in devising and implementing financial strategies so that your current and future operations remain in control.

Services include:

•Financial modelling

•Business planning

•Independent validation of financial plans

•Development capacity assessments

•Scheme appraisal models


Risk & Business Assurance

Jonathan has extensive experience in financial management  and business assurance.

Housing Associations and other charitable organisations are operating in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment.  Timely and accurate reporting of financial information to senior teams and Boards, and effective challenge by Board members, is more important than ever to facilitate strong governance and strategic decision making.

Agility will be vital for business success and delivery.

Uncertainty (along with the implications of major policy change) should be prompting businesses to undertake further scenario planning and stress testing.

Scenario planning allows businesses to identify gaps that potentially could open them up to risk.

Jonathan can help you, your Board and senior management in identifying, understanding and managing risk, including helping you prepare for Regulatory assessments.

Services include:

•Financial and risk management training for Senior teams and Boards

•Smart financial risk identification, impact assessment and mitigation

•Scenario planning

•Financial governance and assurance reviews

•Support and challenge to undertake effective self-assessment under the new regulatory framework


Treasury & Liquidity Management

Jonathan has significant experience in treasury management and has developed a strong reputation across a range of funders and institutions.

As Finance Director at Clanmil Housing Group he arranged substantial private finance deals to support the expansion of the business. Over the period from 2011 to 2016 he arranged over £300 million of facilities, including some of the largest social housing finance deals in Northern Ireland.

Jonathan can help you further develop your relationships with existing funders, help you establish new relationships with other institutions and provide effective funding solutions to support your business.

Liquidity and access to cash is critical to your business success.  Jonathan can help you plan for this, ensuring that your business can grow and deliver its objectives.

Services include:

•Treasury management strategy and policy

•Cash flow forecasting

•Liquidity planning

•Procurement of loan finance

•Evaluation of offers of funding

•Covenant compliance management

•Relationship management and development


Value for Money

Housing Associations and other charitable organisations need to demonstrate Value for Money to their stakeholders and have assurance that resources are being used to best effect.

Jonathan can work with you, in a challenging but supportive way, to help you understand your business more and help you to drive change.

Services include:

•Value for Money strategy

•Assistance with benchmarking

•Value for Money self-assessment reviews